Song of the Day – 9/30/2010

Hey! Two Days in a Row! We’re onto somethin’ here!

So, Lucero is the best kept secret in music, in my opinion. I was first turned on to Lucero by one G. Mahanay, and I’ll admit…I didn’t get it at first. But, after I saw them live in Ft. Worth, Texas last year, i began to understand that these guys really, really are just beer-swillin’, gig-playin Road Warriors…they just happen to have a truly fantastic guy writing all of their music. The lead singer, Ben Nichols, is known for his distinct voice, bad tattoos, and hobbit-like demeanor. And, ya know, his amazing songwriting ability. So, have a listen to their probably 15th-best song.

Lucero – All Sewn Up


Lucero – Nights Like These

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DOUBLE BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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