Netflix is Neat.

About a month ago, i says to myself i says, “Brandon. You’ve got a permanent address now, and a helluva nice TV. Why don’t you get the Netflicks?” And then, I did.

It is really neat.

I just watch one movie, pop that ho back in the post, wait 2 days, and another, DIFFERENT movie shows back up in the same mailbox where i left the other one! It’s magic! Since I live in Denton, Texas and there’s allegedly a Netflix distribution center in Coppell, Texas…only 30 minutes away…i get my new movies quick-fast! But, even faster than that is the XBox Live Streaming!!! I just turn on my XBox, go to the Dashboard, check what’s available for streaming, and pow…i’m watching a movie. It honestly seems like i’m breaking the law.

Right now, my queue has about 30 films in it, including classics like Oldboy, Seven Samurai, Annie Hall, The Deer Hunter, and City of God. Also, I have eclectic movies like Being John Malkovich, There Will Be Blood, and Southland Tales…and then there are the downright ridiculous, like 30 Rock: Season One, Eastbound & Down: Season One, Son of Rambow, and Jesus Camp.

Here’s what I’m watching Tonight. Alone.

One response

  1. Garrison

    HAHA! This movie could easily be called “Kittens” and feature baby cats instead of baby people. Kids lol… their motor skills aren’t fully developed. So that makes them do funny stuff!

    September 29, 2010 at 10:50 pm

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