The No-Hitter…Old Hat?

In a time when batters hack away, swinging for the distant fences in vain attempts to satisfy deep-seated animalistic urges, the pitcher has come back in a big way by taking advantage of big, looping power-swings.

But I wonder…has the pitcher come back in too big a way?

Plainly and simply, chicks dig the longball. Lots of baseball laymen measure success in bomb-ness of a HR, not in batting average or on-base percentage. And unfortunately, lots of kids have been brought up to worship the HR as the holy grail of baseball…forget Ted Williams’ truly astounding season of batting .400…”give me 40 HR and a .250 AVG,” they say. Mark Reynolds, anybody?

But now, towards the end of July 2010, there have been 5…FIVE!…No-Hitters in MLB, including 2 Perfect Games. And that’s NOT including Armando Galarraga’s notorious “Un-Perfect Game.” Five months ago, I thought of the No-Hitter as one of the 3 most amazing things an athlete could do in sports, right alongside catching the Golden Snitch in Quidditch and making a “Untouchable ScoreDown” in WhackBat. Now? After 5 No-Nos in one season? Yawn. Give me whackbat. Give me Quidditch. Give me something new. A japanese gameshow where people have to choose between getting kicked in the nuts, kicking their dying relatives in the nuts, or burning their own homes down. Call me when somebody runs a kick back 109 yards…in a baseball game. Call me when somebody hits a 500 ft…field goal. Lemme know when Lebron James dunks…a pass over the uprights.

As supply of something goes up, its demand goes down. It’s basic economics, people. We’re watering down our No-Hitters! We want LESS No-Hitters! And we want less now!

Nolan Ryan sucks because he threw 7 No-Hitters.


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