Young Couple Praying

Tonight, I sat at a Whataburger in Denton, Texas and waited on my food. The place was bustling, with that rowdy midnight crowd coming in looking for a quick bite. When I had first parked my truck and walked inside, I had noticed a young couple…likely still in High School…standing in front of me in line. Their clothing had a sort of electric country feel…rural, but tongue-in-cheek. The girl mixed her flanel with Converse.

After ordering, I happened to sit at a table that was facing towards them, and they were facing back at me. It was across the room, and the conversation in the place drowned out everything they were saying, but it was obvious they were having a really good time together. I guess I may have been envious. I looked away for a bit, trying not to make it awkward.

I glanced back at them a second later, and I was sort of taken aback with what I saw. They both had their hands locked together, foreheads bowed, and they were praying. Right there in the middle of Whataburger. Surrounded by drunks, villains, and scum. A young couple, praying.

The guy’s head came up first, and he grabbed his food slowly and unwrapped it. The girl took a little longer…maybe she had more to pray about?

Either way, I found myself wondering what they prayed for.


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