“And in the distance, as if borne out of the looming storm clouds, there sailed a man in a digital boat…”

“…and he showed us the ways of this strange sea called the Internets.”

And so goes the origin story of the Electronic Warrior/Poet.

Like all of us, I am addicted to the internet. Not really addicted, but…i spend a lot of time cruising these tubes. My travels and experiences have lead me to create a web log, or “blog,” on WordPress to document my adventures in web-slinging. In honor of those that came before me and the ones who are long since gone, I will call this blog “Electronic Warrior/Poet.”

Of course, I am the Electronic Warrior/Poet, and I shall hold your hand, and guide you through these webz.

My thoughts on Blogging:

1. It’s narcissistic.

2. It can be helpful, funny, informative, vain, stressful, and hellish.

3. Maybe it’s a good way to condense my internet expertise into one fun, interesting forum…for the good of the people, so that they may not be lost on this great sea of unformation.

I solely vow, in the name of all that is good and wholesome, to update this blog regularly and inform any faithful readers of internet-borne gnarlitude and awesomeness. I will also post links to movie, music, and sports news. I will also post MP3’s of songs i’m really digging. I will also write up random things and observations from my life. And, if you read any of this, I thank you.

It is with great pleasure that I say, from the bottom of my groin, welcome to the Electronic Warrior/Poet.

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